AWARE Newsletter - April 5, 2013

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Welcoming Spring!

Spring LilacsWith the arrival of spring, many of us are enjoying fresh air and renewed vigor. The change in season offers a wonderful opportunity to open our windows, de-clutter our closets, and get out our natural cleaning supplies! Our Guidelines for Spring Cleaning
are designed to help you prioritize and enjoy the rewards of a clean home. Don't miss the link to our Dustbusting Dozen, a simple checklist to cover those easily missed areas.

I'll be discussing the benefits of cleaning without chemicals on this month's edition of Toxic Talk Tuesday on my husband's radio program. Tune in to Moody Radio on April 9 at 2 p.m. Central Time, or visit the Chris Fabry Live! website to listen online.

Restoring Digestive Health: Sorting Through the Options

Feeling confused about the various diet plans? Have you heard of Paleo and GAPS but aren't sure what they are? With 80 percent of our immune system existing in our gut, and microbial cells outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1, it makes sense to focus on the balance of yeasts, bacteria, and other microbes present in the gut lining. But how does each diet plan approach the goal of restoring digestive health?

For those who are interested in building their immune system through diet, we're pleased to introduce a helpful tool. Our article titled Gut-Restorative Diets compares and contrasts five popular diets, including:momsAWARE Antifungal Diet Comparison Chart

Our momsAWARE Antifungal Diet Comparison Chart can easily be shared with others and printed for handy reference. Click on the thumbnail to view the article and download the chart!

Are We Over-Sanitized?

Antibacterials If you missed last month's Toxic Talk, check out our Radio Interviews page to listen as Chris and I talk about the implications of our super-sterilized world. What are these harsh chemicals doing to our health? What role do healthy microbes play when it comes to our immune system? Check out our helpful article on Managing Our Microbes for suggested ways to boost our beneficial microbes through gardening, increased time spent outdoors, and probiotic foods.

Special Offer!

Just So Pure Rose Petal Lip BalmWe invite you to check out our new Just So Pure lip balms: Vegan Blend for those sensitive to beeswax, and for those enjoying a hint of color, Rose Petal, made with all-natural alkanet root.

Visit our Online Store and use coupon code SPRING to receive special pricing of $5 on our entire lip balm line (regularly $6 each). Our lip balms make wonderful Mother's Day gifts, and as always, shipping is free! Coupon offer ends April 30, so order yours today!

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