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ERMI Mold Testing: How It Can Help

ERMI LogoWould you like to know more about the ERMI test? Are you considering testing your home or office for mold?

The ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) test is a dust sampling analysis offered by several labs to evaluate the health of a building. ERMI uses a DNA-based method for identifying 36 different species of mold. The smaller HERTSMI-2 test uses similar technology to identify and quantify five of the more common and toxic species of mold.

momsAWARE is pleased to begin offering both forms of testing in our Online Store, processed through the Mycometrics accredited laboratory. Both tests utilize a Swiffer-type cloth. Simply swipe the dust from any area of concern and return the cloth, properly sealed, to the lab. You'll receive an email with the findings. For help determining a possible course of action based on your report, see How to Interpret ERMI or HERTSMI-2 Mold Test Results.

Dust sampling is one of the best ways to assess an indoor environment. To find out more about this type of mold analysis, see our article on ERMI Mold Testing.

We've had nearly 70 people take advantage of our ERMI testing, with positive responses like these:
  • After I did the ERMI test we found visible mold and evacuated our home. We have since hired a mold consultant to help us. The ERMI has confirmed that we are not crazy.
  • The ERMI test gave me a number I could compare to what my doctor gave me as a safe place to be. It has helped get the landlords moving quickly on fixing the water leak and cleanup of mold.
  • The entire ERMI process was clear, easy, and fast. I've done some remediation and plan to retest in a month or so. Thanks for making this so easy!!!

Our goal at momsAWARE is to subsidize these tests to make this type of mold testing even more affordable. Would you consider supporting our effort with a $5 or $10 donation? The donation process is simple and every dollar counts. We value each and every supporter! Won't you take a moment to donate now?

Donate Toward Subsidized Mold Testing

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